Monday, November 12, 2007

The Virtual James E. Lovelock Museum of Climate Retreat Living Pod Images [as an Adaptation Strategy]

An Online Virtual Museum About Climate Retreat Living Pods as an Adaptation Strategy for Future Climate Refugees of Global Warming

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An Online Virtual Museum About Climate Retreat Living Pods as an Adaptation Strategy

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[NOTE: The James E. Lovelock Virutal Museum of Climate Retreat Living Pod Images is named in honor of the work and ideas of British scientist James Lovelock. However, neither he nor his publishers have anything to do with this independent Internet project.]

In this virtual musem are several illustrations by Taiwanese illustrator Deng Cheng-hong depicting the interior of a model "climate retreat", circa year 2500 A.D. For more information about ''climate retreats and climate refugees'', google the terms, or look the terms up at Wikipedia.

Mr Deng at work at his computer here:

James Lovelock, the acclaimed British scientist who has done pioneering work on global warming issues, has visited this virtual museum online and seen the images here. When he was asked by email what he thought about this concept of climate retreat living pods for survivors of global warming in the distant future, replied: "Many thanks, Danny, for [sending me] your thoughtful images. It may well happen and soon."

Interior views, model climate retreat, year 2121 A.D. , northern Norway, Russia, Alaska Interior view, model climate retreat, northern Russia, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska

Leisure activity center inside climate retreat. These retreats could house up to 200,000 people.

Interior view of a model climate retreat living pod (sustainable population retreat, SPR) in Canada, Russia, Alaska

Greenhouse area with large tree. Food could be grown in the climate retreat itself.

Interior view.

Living quarters, dormitory area.

The lobby area.

Lobby view. Long tubular tunnels will take residents from sleeping zone to work zone. etc.

Entrance to climate retreat. Security will be very important. Who gets in, who is kept out?
production notes: these illustrations were created by:
Han Xin multimedia company in Taiwan (c) 2007-3007
Artist: Deng Cheng-hong
Assistant: Hong Min-cheng
Producer: Dan Bloom, Polar Cities Research Institute