Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speech to Graduation Class of 2099


jack said...

Hey Danny,

I emailed, on 3/25/09, you a response to your request to me, to discuss your comments left on Ms. Gould's blog, EMILY MAGAZINE.

A copy of the request from you, sent from, or someone pretending to be you is at the end of this communication.

Given your computer access is limited to public computers, I expected a few days delay in hearing back from you. I never heard back from you.

So I resent the email to you.
Now I initially responded to your request, in a positive spirit, but given that you did not bother to respond to me, or the possibility that a criminal is impersonating you, I no longer want to deal with you at all.

Please do not contact me again.


it's me. danny, give me a chance. let's chat okay? email me at danbloom gmail


okay you don;t like tufts, that;s okay, SMILE

jack said...

Hey Danny

One more thing, did you notice that the title of this post is "Speech to Graduation Class of 2099"?

Is not 2099 a little premature? Could you mean 2009?

You do write great books for children; but, I still want nothing to do wtih you.


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