Friday, December 23, 2011

Whither mankind? Whither humankind? Whither civilization, come the Climate Apocalypse? ''Polar Cites Man'' answers a few questions here before he kicks the bucket...

QUESTION: Mr Bloom, you are an old man now, heart attack in 2009, stent keeping your ticker ticking now until the end comes, and I assume you are ready for the end when it comes, so really you are on your deathbed now, your days are severely numbered, and you won't be here much longer. So before you kick the bucket, so to speak, what is your message about polar cities and global warming that you want to tell to the world before you go and become dust again, as the Good Book tells us, "dust unto dust"?

Danny: See here:

QUESTION: That's all?

Danny: If people can view the images and read the texts and comments, they will get it. Those who get it will get it, and those who don't get it, won't get it. Their descendants will, in the future, I am sure. So I feel as if I am leaving a message in a bottle for future generations to find and read. Nothing magic or prophetic here. Just a guy thinking out loud about what the future might hold, 200 to 300 years down the road from now.

QUESTION: 200 to 300 years from now? So why should anyone care today?

DANNY: Because we are causing the problems today that will result in the death of billions of people in the future, and the possible extinction of the human species. I care.

QUESTION: Why do you care so much? Why do you go out on a limb like that and take the chance of even looking foolish and spouting nonsense, when you aren't even an expert or a professor with a PHD in atmospheric sciences?

DANNY: It doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing....

QUESTION: You're not worried about the near future, say, in the next 50 to 100 years?

DANNY: I am not worried about now, or even 2100 AD? I am worried about the fate of mankind after 2323, after 2424, after 2525 AD.

QUESTION: Why do you care?

DANNY: I care, that's all. Don't you care?

QUESTION: Yes, but the distant future is so far away, why should
anyone today care about the fate of humanity 30 generations from now?

DANNY: Because we are sowing the seeds of mass destruction and mass die-offs of humankind now. I care about the future. I am a futurist, of sorts, I guess you could call me. I am certainly not a scientist or a climate expert.

QUESTION: Are you some kind of prophet?

DANNY: No. I am just a person in the early part of the 21st Century peering into the future with the information that is available now. James Lovelock is my teacher here. He said it all long before I did. I just came up with the idea of polar cities as possible climate refuges for climate refugees where Lovelock's "breeding pairs in the [warmed over] Arctic can reproduce the ensuing generations of humans for the next 1000 years or so.

QUESTION: Sounds like science fiction.

DANNY: Yes, I know. I worry.

Question: Do you believe in God? Or an afterlife? Or karma or
reincarnation or in any supernatural or religious beliefs?

DANNY: No. I only believe in what I can see. There is no God and there are no gods and there is no afterlife, and there was no pre-life and there is no reincarnation. We are born, we live, we die. Just like trees
and flowers and cats and dogs. We are animals, evolved animals, but animals none-the-less.

QUESTION: You sound like a glum pessimist.

DANNY: In fact, I am a deep, caring optimist. That is why I created the Polar Cities Project. So that something useful can live on after me. Come what may.

QUESTION: And what is coming?

DANNY: Terrible, terrible things. Most of humankind wil die off in massive die-offs, 500 years from now. Perhaps sooner. But there is still time to try to do something NOW to stop the C02 we are emitting,
and the massive destruction we are causing to the Earth's atmosphere. So I remain an optimist at heart. Polar Cities are just an escape hatch, if we need them. For survival of the species.

Question: Are you preparing to die? Are you ready to die?

DANNY: Yes. I am prepared, I am ready. I have done my work. I feel
happy, content, rested, optimistic. I regret nothing. I have had a very wonderful and rich life.